Sam Sullivan
Global Civic Policy Society
"Thank you for the great support you have given to the Public Salons. Lynn and I thank you for dramatically improving our social media presence. We particularly appreciate the relationships you have with the network of bloggers in the city and how many of them reponded to your invitation to attend our event. Your analysis and advice on how to use each of the different social media was very useful. Thanks for your help "

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Luis Guillermo Guerra
"Your network is your net worth. It is a source of knowledge, job opportunities, potential business partnerships, future hires and so much more. Networking won't only help you find your next job, it will help you improve within your current position, these are just some of the ideas and concepts that Alice shared with us, we invited her to speak to a group of people at Douglas Collge and she did a fantastic job, she is super engaging and knowledgeable on the art of networking. I want to express my recognition for an amazing workshop and be sure that we will keep working together."

Helen Tomei
"Alice Zhou has increased our audience base on our Social Media platforms by having a knack for finding photos, videos and articles that seem to resonate with our clients."

Dr. Gabrielle Steinberg
"Alice Zhou has been supporting me and my business Harmony Wellness Centre stay visible online with monthly social media posts. Her work is thorough and consistent and the posts are relevant. Alice is wonderful to work with and works hard at understanding your needs for your business.
If you need someone help you stay visible online, Alice Zhou is a great choice!"

Ra'am Ayan
Founder/Troublemaker, Ayan Water
"Alice is brilliant.. her true gifts are in networking, events management, PR, and connecting the dots. She is undaunted by scope, and is talented at understanding the pieces that need to fit together to reach a goal. She is reliable with her word, and comes through when she is needed. I look forward to working with her again in future projects." 

Trevor Jansen
Photographer, Trevor Jansen Photography
"Alice is a tremendous people person, bringing together a range of business minded people to create the contacts needed to succeed with her Social Butterfly Club. I can easily recommend her to organize your next event." 

Jack yan
VP, codeasy
"Alice is a charming girl with smart idea about the business. During the cooperation, she gave us many effective advices about the product sale promotion. Hope she will enjoy and suceed in her colorful life. Jack"

Kallen Williams
Owner, Beeline SoHo Computer Help
"The many Gracious Host events I have had the pleasure of attending have all been positive, well co-ordinated and naturally graceful affairs. Alice has a demeanor and presence that exudes a confidence likely from her years of experience and dedicated focus. I will not hesitate to use Alice's services for oganizing funcitons for my business, I do not recommend waiting to contact her now" 

Matt O'Donnell
President / Event Producer, Tantalus Productions Inc.
"I had the pleasure of working with Alice on several occasions - high profile corporate and fund-raising events. One of many of Alices' qualities that really shone through was her dedication to the event at hand, and to her client. Rarely have I had the opportunity to work with an event planner that puts her all into ensuring that an event is seamless, spectacular and exacting in its execution. I'm sure that in her new position that Alice continues to provide the utmost level of service to her clients; as always with a great smile and uplifting demeanor. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alice Zhou." 

Lourdes Gant, CPA, MBA, CRMA
"This passionate, young business woman is a cream of the crop in the networking world. I am one of the lucky people to have been connected with her. Highly recommended!" 

Sandy McIntosh
"Having worked with Alice on an executive committee for over a year, I know that Alice is a professional, passionate and determined young woman. She is personable, a team player and shares a willingness and energy that will enable her to accomplish any goal. I certainly feel confident in recommending Alice. Any event planned by Alice Zhou is an event worth attending." 

David Chin
"Alice is always thorough and consistent with her Social Butterfly Club organizing. Keeps her membership informed of all networking events to see and be seen, just like the celebs! Puts on some great events of her own as well." 

Daniela Hetrea
"Alice has been a great inspiration to me. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail, knowledge and passion, was the best that one can ask when interested in this field. She is a wonderful business woman, knowing everything and everyone and always finding solutions. I am really looking forward to working with Alice in the near future and learning from her little secrets." 

Tatsuya Nakagawa
President and CEO, Atomica Creative Group Ltd.
"Alice is an enthusiastic, ambitious and determined person. She is a great connector of people and has a genuine interest in help others. I highly recommend you get to know Alice and also attend one of her events." 

Christopher Ian Bennett
Brand Marketing | PR & Bus. Development Strategist, NSM Group | Bennett Partners
"I've had the pleasure of seeing Alice in action on more than one occasion. She's top notch and creates an atmosphere in her events that keep clients coming back for more. In a world of quick business exchanges and endless emails, Alice truly connects with her clients and gets to the source of their needs to deliver. She enhances any business project she tackles, purely by virtue of clear focus, hard work and good leadership. I'd would seriously consider working with Alice soon --- before your competition does." 




Valentina Bellicova
President, AppleSeeds Enterprises
"At the center of a whirlwind of activity, Alice has the charm, the creativity and the know how to pull together seemingly unrelated elements to put on a bash to brag about.. Her behind the scenes attention to detail and quality together with her uncanny sense of what works guarantees an event that delivers."

Raymond Chou
Principal Photographer, Raymond Chou Photography
"Alice is definitely one of the most focused, determined, and passionately driven people I know. Having seen of the events she's organized from the bottom up and looking at what she's done with expanding Social Butterfly Club, her accomplishments are nothing short of amazing. Although Alice has a network of over 4000 people, she cares a lot about the people she works with and highly values the friendships that she has."

Scott Berg
"If you are looking to promote an event in the Greater Vancouver make sure to include Alice as part of your promotional team. With her contacts in this market and personality, she will certainly be able to increase the traffic and quality of your event. I highly recommend Alice to anyone planning an event, trade show, party, anniversary, etc." 

Ron McNerney
"Alice has always been a great inspiration to me. She is a very pleasant nice person to know and she always supports others. We call her the "networker extraordinaire", as she seems to be everywhere all at once! I have worked with Alice in the past and learned she is truly a wonderful speaker and facilitator. The monthly Newsletter always brightens my day. Join the Social Butterfly Club!!!!" 

Eric Van Iersel
Sales and Marketing Communications Services, Reflex Printing
"Alice is a wonderful professional, who has an incredible capacity to bring business people together - a networking master and event coordinator of the highest calibre. Her networking skills, event coordination prowess and public speaking capabilities have been a great inspiration and help for my own professional development." 

Robert Sanzalone
"It's all about who and what you know. Alice is outstanding in both. Vancouver's "Networking Queen" should be the first person you call for ANY event. Her newsletter is second to none." 

Robert A. Arthurs CPC
"Alice, is truly the social butterfly! any networking event any function you will find Alice promoting not only her but her clients as well! She is extremely well organized and personable. If you want a succesful event just get Alice to do it!" 

Jordan Bober
Co-Initiator, Seedstock Community Currency
"Alice has an extreme knack for keeping track of the hundreds of details that go into planning an event. She is extremely organised and knows exactly what to do to ensure that things go off without a hitch; I have heard people refer to her as a "manifester". On top of everything else that Alice does, she still manages to add an extra special touch to the events she organises. As an example, I once attended an event she helped organise where she saw to it to bring gifts of flowers for all the volunteer helpers - you can bet they'll be happy to help out again!" 

Jared Sissons
General Manager, Executive Suites Hotel and Resort Squamish
"Alice is a very professional event planner has worked with my on many major projects. Her attention to detail is evident through her pursuit in excellence in event management. Jared Sissons, General Manager"

Lindsay Eeson
Student, Vancouver Community College
"As my instructor at the Vancouver Community College program of Event planning and Marketing, Alice was informative and engaging. She is a seasoned professional in her field, made obvious by her extensive knowledge of the event industry and her enthusiastic teachings at VCC. Through Alice's experience as an Event Planner, I was able to learn the basics of how to plan, market and execute a successful event. I would trust Alice with the planning of any event, and recommend her creative style and professional work ethic to any client searching for the right Event Planner." 

Agnieszka Stola
"Alice has been amazing to work with. I first hired her in June of 2012 to help me revamp my website, by helping create a new layout and write up for it to make sure it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. Her writing style is engaging and inviting, making her a fantastic blogger. She works independently, and is also great with following directions. She keeps my online content alive and helps bring in repeat visits to my website www.agiinteriors.com She is very driven and always makes sure to get her work done." 

Carl Brodie Hons BA, CFP
"In all my dealings with Gracious Host Alice has been creative and professional. She is a pleasure to deal with professionally."